Making difference in the lives of people by reducing their pains, Dr. Ananda Jothi & Dr. Preetha Ananda Jothi are on a mission to see a disease-free world. Along with their team of A-list physiotherapists, they both aspire to touch people’s lives in a positive and meaningful way.

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Sports Clinic

Fitness and physical well-being is the prime requisite to pursue any sport. Injuries are common during sports and we ensure that these injuries do not come in the way of a sportsperson’s performance. E follow preventive as well as treatment measures for sports injuries. A combination of manual therapy, ice therapy, tapes and splints in used to maintain the strength of the muscles and treat the injured area. We also great emphasis in understand the mechanics of the injury and conduct a detailed assessment of the problem area. The multi-camera video analysis technology used by us not only helps determine injury areas but also predicts probable injuries which might happen in future.