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Doctor to the Community

It is demanded of doctors that they are not only competent clinicians but also managers of health promotive and preventive programmes. They are also required to help the community in several ways. Here are some of the ways in which doctors can contribute their bit:
Home Visits: For patients who cannot are not in a condition to visit the doctor’s clinic, home visit is a good option. Doctors should offer home visits facility to community members
Hospital inpatient care: Doctors should regular pay a visit to the local hospitals to monitor the condition of the patients.
Facility on-call services: Doctors can offer their services to Regional or tertiary hospitals for after-hours emergency calls.
Palliative Care: Doctors can come forward to offer proper treatment to patients facing life-threatening illness. They may help to relieve their pains and symptoms.
Emergency department: Doctors must be readily available for people who are in need of immediate care and treatment. They must take up emergency department rotation to offer round the clock emergency services to the community hospitals.
Surgical assists: If competent enough, doctors must lend their valuable services in the operating room as well.
Obstetrics: It is expected of doctors that they care of expectant mothers in the community. Apart from Regular health monitoring, diet planning and nutritional supplements should be advised. They should also assist in delivering of babies.
Nursing homes/ Long-term care facilities: Nursing home or long-term care facilities should be offered to the elderly of the community so that they can lead the last few years of their lives respectfully.
Walk-in clinics: Walk-in clinics are very essential as the approach to the doctor is easier and the burden on the hospital emergency departments is reduced.

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