Making difference in the lives of people by reducing their pains, Dr. Ananda Jothi & Dr. Preetha Ananda Jothi are on a mission to see a disease-free world. Along with their team of A-list physiotherapists, they both aspire to touch people’s lives in a positive and meaningful way.

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Because Your Life Matters

Life is not a bed of roses and it will never be. It is normal to experience loneliness or pain at some point in life. Your health will deteriorate as you age. But despite all the hardships and all the pain, this life is worth living and worth rejoicing. You are a dear child of the God and your life matters because…..

  1. You are unique: You are one of a kind human on this planet. You physical attributes and mental faculties are unique. Your struggles may be different but remember that your talents are too.
  2. Your pain is temporary: The only thing constant in this world is change itself. No matter how deep the wound, it will fill up one day. You might not be able to forget every traumatic moment in your life but those moments will definitely make you much stronger.
  3. You are loved: You parents, your children, your close friends, all love you. Your presence certainly makes a difference in their lives. But more than anyone, God loves you and wants to see you smiling always.
  4. There is plenty more to see: The earth is full of beautiful places, people and experiences. No matter how much travel and meet people, there is always scope for more. The world is for you to discover and explore. The excitement of life beckons you every moment.
  5. You are just a tiny speck in this Universe: Whether you accomplish anything in your lifetime or not, your presence still itself is enough. You are just a tiny creature in this big scheme of things. Do not take yourself so seriously and just go with the flow.
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