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Breathing Exercises

Oxygen being the most essential of all elements in the human body, it is vital to pay close attention to your breathing while doing any form of exercise. Just like the food that we eat, energizes our body, in the same way oxygen that we inhale energizes it too. We cannot survive without oxygen for even a few minutes while we can survive without food for a few days. Breathing exercises therefore assume much greater importance for our overall health.
The blood stream is automatically purified when we breathe in more oxygen. Improper breathing on the other hand results in decrease in the supply of chemical called adenosine triphosphate. This in turn results in premature aging and onset of diseases. It can also give rise to panic attacks, fatigue and other emotional and physical disturbances.

The posture muscles are also the breathing muscles. These are:
  • Diaphragm
  • Abdominals
  • Intercostals : muscles present in between that ribs

Abdominal muscles offer postural support and also assist in breathing process. Without proper breathing, stiffness develops around the abdominal muscles. Poor breathing affects the mental energy adversely also robs energy from the body.
Controlled breathing exercises help in keeping the body and the mind functioning at their best. It also helps in increasing mindfulness and awareness and when practiced regularly, it also helps in keeping anxiety away. Besides, breathing exercises are also a good way to relieve stress and a have a restful sleep.
Most of the breathing exercises are simple to perform but it takes time to master them. They can be performed anywhere as no special tools or equipment are required to do them. Regular practice of a variety of breathing exercise keeps diseases at bay and keeps you looking younger for longer.