Making difference in the lives of people by reducing their pains, Dr. Ananda Jothi & Dr. Preetha Ananda Jothi are on a mission to see a disease-free world. Along with their team of A-list physiotherapists, they both aspire to touch people’s lives in a positive and meaningful way.

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Following our mission to deliver highest standards in patient care, we at Sri Sugam offer the best possible physiotherapy treatment in neurology. Neurology concerns the disorders of the brain, the spinal cord and the nervous system. In case of an injury to the nervous system, the muscles become weak and that can lead to tremor or spasms. This results in uncoordinated movements affecting the mobility of a person. Speech and swallowing problems may also occur due to this disorder. Special treatments that are patient specific are employed by our expert physiotherapist to treat such patients. Depending upon the type and the history of the condition, the patients are made to overcome conditions like difficulty in stretching, walking and balancing.